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♥: The Wanted (mildly obsessed), INFINITE (can't chose a bias to save my life)
Degrassi, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, FRIENDS, HIMYM,
Panic! At The Disco, (actually, pretty much anyone under the FBR label),
VIXX, Jay Park, 2PM, EXO, the colour yellow, and anything 90's/00's

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sidenote: I usually keep things queued up unless I'm liveblogging about Degrassi or something super recent. I'm mostly on my other blog. (If you like The Wanted or INFINITE, check them out!)
day 12 → a photo of an actress from your favourite TV show
Aliya-Jasmine (1G5G)

Does she still count? She’s not really an actress but I love her + the show